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Why work with a member of TAN: Top Agent Network

Top Agent Network

There’s one thing that makes Top Agent Network unique:

Only the top 10% of real estate agents are offered memberships.

This characteristic defines what TAN is all about. By building trusted local communities of top agents, TAN members are able to help each other attract, serve and impress clients. This article goes into more detail about why we restrict membership to just elite agents.

And because this exclusivity is so important, we want to be 100% transparent on how we determine who does and doesn’t get into Top Agent Network. So here are the facts:

We turned down 68% of the applicants

We received 1,352 applicants across all chapters. Of those, only 432 of them qualified as the top 10% in their market.

How we determine who the top 10% is

To become a member, an agent must be in the top 10% of the geographic area covered by their TAN chapter based on their past 24-month closed home sales. We also require a minimum of four sales in the local area to be considered.

On top of that, we only consider “producing” agents to pick the 10% from. We define a “producing” agent as someone who has at least one closed sale in the local market.

Although we go through each application manually, a proprietary algorithm is used to determine who meets the criteria to join. It factors in MLS closed sales data.

And just to be clear: the ranking is based purely on objective sales data. It’s not possible for any agent to buy their way into TAN. In fact, TAN founder/CEO David Faudman has turned down multiple requests from agents he is friends with who do not meet the membership requirements.

But as long as an agent stays in good standing with Top Agent Network, we do not re-evaluate their sales performance. We do this because our goal is to build trusted communities and we know that TAN members value other TAN members. This article covers the topic of eligibility in more detail.

The data doesn’t lie

By sticking to our “by the numbers” approach, TAN is able to objectively determine who is a top 10% agent and who isn’t.

We don’t weigh subjective factors like an agent’s negotiation skills, how they treat their clients or how well they are liked by other agents —  those are virtually impossible to measure.

So we stick to analyzing sales data and we apply the rules to everyone equally. We believe that this approach is one of the main reasons why Top Agent Network continues to grow its membership every year.

We’re proud to work with some of the most talented, hard-working real estate agents in the country. And we’ll continue to do our best to help them succeed.

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